Sabor Tradicional






Precocinados Gorena, S.L. is a family-style business, founded by Borja Irazusta, which has been present in the world of deep-frozen pre-cooked food since 1987

Since then, our main aim has been to satisfy our customers with high-quality products and provide them with the most personalised and committed service possible, addressing the needs of each one of them...


The quality of all of our products is our main aim in all areas of the company.

In order to achieve this objective, we select the best raw materials and we maintain rigorous quality control in all the production processes, for which we have our own laboratory with specialised personnel.

With these premises, we achieve a very high-quality end product, with the most traditional taste of our kitchen.


Gorena's facilities have various production lines, as well as two deep freezing tunnels. We produce 250t per month, with the possibility of increasing this with the investments made.

We sell under our own brands of GORENA and GAILUR, in addition to various own brands for varying customers, all making sure they are of our highest quality.

Currently we have a presence in various countries, such as: France, Holland, Germany, New Zealand or Colombia, with the expansion of foreign markets being part of our main aims.